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This homeowner in Huntsville Ohio needed a new retaining wall in his back yard. After seeing the decorative vertical overlay displayed in the conference room of Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC, they decided this finish would be ideal for the new wall.



Yoder Concrete Construction poured the new retaining wall, stepping it down to match the drop in the landscaping.

After some curing time, the overlay process began.

Vertical Overlay
Vertical Overlay



The wall was stamped with the "Mountain Dry Stack" stone pattern.


Stamped vertical overlay
Stamped vertical overlay


It was stained with a natural "Provincial Tan" color for a beautiful finished wall.


Stained vertical overlay
Stained stamped vertical overlay

Thank you to the Spencer home for allowing us to do this project.  Special thanks to Deco-Crete Supply for the training and materials for another amazing decorative project.